About Me

"Before you judge me make sure you know me."
Hello my name is Firda Faradiba but you can call me Firda, Diba, or daafir. I was born on 1996 and blow candles every June 1st. I'm an Indonesian and of course an Asian.
I'm a university student and majoring visual communication design. I have huge obsession with books and kpop (yeah I'm a kpopers). I love reading books about fiction, romance, and comedy. When I'm bored I love listening music and eat some snacks.
Since I'm a kpopers so I listened kpop songs but sometimes I listened western songs too. By the way my favorite groups are Infinite and Exo. I love watching disney movies, korean drama, and running man. And I had an interest in fashion, photography, and the sims.
I'm shy at the first, but once I'm comfortable with you, get ready for some crazy sh*t.
My english is not good since english is not my mother tongue, so I'm sorry if sometimes my grammar are very broken.
Well maybe it's enough, if you want to know more about me you can follow my twitter or ask me something <3. 

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